I see a stray dog running loose who do I call?

Monday through Friday between 8:15am to 4:15pm call 973-470-5760.  After hours and weekends call Clifton Police Non-Emergency at 973-470-5911.

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1. Where is the Clifton Animal Shelter located?
2. How do I adopt a dog or a cat?
3. When are you open?
4. Can I just show up to surrender a pet?
5. Can you give vaccines or offer vet services at the shelter?
6. I see a dog left in the yard all the time with no Shelter and no water- who do I call?
7. I need information on Low Cost Spay neuter.
8. What towns are you responsible for?
9. What is the procedure & age requirements for volunteering?
10. I am feeding outdoor cats but I don’t want them to have kittens – how can I get them fixed?
11. What are the items you need donated?
12. Why don’t you answer the phone at the shelter?
13. If I have an animal emergency, who do I call?
14. My dog / cat is old and ill. Can the shelter help me put them to sleep?
15. I just adopted my dog from an Animal Shelter/Animal Rescue. Do I need a dog license?
16. I just moved to the City of Clifton and own a dog. Do I need to obtain a dog license by a certain date?
17. I just moved to Clifton, from another town or city within the State of New Jersey and own a dog. Do I need to obtain a license in Clifton?
18. My dog is currently a puppy. How old does my dog have to be to get a dog license?
19. Do I need proof that my dog received rabies shots prior to getting a license?
20. Where do I get rabies vaccine for my dog?
21. My veterinarian states that my dog cannot receive a rabies vaccine because of a medical condition or because of medical therapy. Am I still required to obtain a dog license?
22. Where do I obtain a dog license?
23. What is needed to obtain a license? Is there a fee for a dog license?
24. Do licenses expire?
25. I have a service dog. Do I need a license and is there a fee?
26. Are there any late fees?
27. What do I do with the metal tag that is provided with my license?
28. How can I be proactive in making sure my pet has a home if anything were to happen to me that I cannot take care of them or I am no longer around?
29. What is the city’s leash law?
30. I’d like to use an extender leash, are they legal?
31. I see a stray dog running loose who do I call?
32. I have an animal in my house who do I call?
33. Can I feed cats?
34. Does the presence of wildlife in the city present a danger for me or my family?
35. Is it ok to feed the wildlife?
36. Are bird feeders allowed?
37. How can I keep wildlife out of my yard?
38. How can I learn more about wildlife?
39. I saw a fox in my neighborhood. What should I do?
40. I see a Bear. What do I do?
41. I saw a dead raccoon in the street when I was driving to work, who can I contact?
42. I found a dead animal on my property?
43. Domestic Dead Animals and Opossums
44. My dog killed a wild animal such as a raccoon, skunk etc…
45. I want to report animal cruelty. Who should I call?