I just moved to the City of Clifton and own a dog. Do I need to obtain a dog license by a certain date?

According to city regulations, you must license your dog within ten (10) days after moving into Clifton.  If your dog is licensed in another state and will be kept in the City of Clifton for more than ninety (90) days, you must obtain a license.

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15. I just adopted my dog from an Animal Shelter/Animal Rescue. Do I need a dog license?
16. I just moved to the City of Clifton and own a dog. Do I need to obtain a dog license by a certain date?
17. I just moved to Clifton, from another town or city within the State of New Jersey and own a dog. Do I need to obtain a license in Clifton?
18. My dog is currently a puppy. How old does my dog have to be to get a dog license?
19. Do I need proof that my dog received rabies shots prior to getting a license?
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21. My veterinarian states that my dog cannot receive a rabies vaccine because of a medical condition or because of medical therapy. Am I still required to obtain a dog license?
22. Where do I obtain a dog license?
23. What is needed to obtain a license? Is there a fee for a dog license?
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27. What do I do with the metal tag that is provided with my license?
28. How can I be proactive in making sure my pet has a home if anything were to happen to me that I cannot take care of them or I am no longer around?
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