Health Codes


Chapter 44: Environmental Commission 

Chapter 45: HAZMAT Control Board

Chapter 47: Health Department

Chapter 127: Air Pollution

Chapter 203: Dogs and Other Animals

Chapter 261: Garbage, Rubbish and Refuse

Chapter 269: Heating of Buildings

Chapter 281: Ice Cream Peddling

Chapter 305: Lighting

Chapter 327: Noise

Chapter 332: Nuisances

Chapter 367: Retail Food/Restaurants

Chapter 381: Smoking of Municipal Property


Title 5: Chapter 17: Lead Hazard Evaluation and Abatement Code

Title 7: Chapter 9A: Standards for Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems

Title 8: Health

Title 8:Chapter 21: New Jersey Registration of Wholesale Distributors of Drugs

Title 8:Chapter 22: Public Campgrounds

Title 8: Chapter 23: Importation of Dogs and Reporting of Rabies

     Title 8: Chapter 23A: Animal Facility Operations

Title 8: Chapter 24: Sanitation in Retail Establishments.

Title 8: Chapter 25: New Jersey Youth Camp Safety

Title 8: Chapter 51: Childhood Lead Poisoning

Title 8: Chapter 52: Public Health Practice Standards

Title 8: Chapter 57: Communicable Disease

      Subchapter 1: Reportable Communicable Disease

      Subchapter 2: Reporting of Acquired immunodeficiency Syndrome

      Subchapter 3: The New Jersey Immunization Information System (NJIIS)

      Subchapter 4: Immunization of Pupils in School

Title 10: Chapter 122: Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers 

Title 24: Chapter 14A-1: Paint Containing Lead

Title 26: Health and Vital Statistics

Title 26: Chapter 24: Sanitary Code

Title 58: Chapter 11-23: The Realty Improvement Sewerage and Facilities Act