Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to provide quality human resource services to recruit, develop, motivate and retain a diverse workforce within a supportive work environment. We do this with emphasis on rendering world class customer service to our inside employees and outside entities.

The Personnel Office is located on the first floor of City Hall. The City of Clifton is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications are accepted by the Personnel Office from all qualified individuals regardless of race, color, sex, or ethic origin.


The Personnel Department is responsible for maintaining employee applications. Interested applicants should frequently check our website for opportunities.

The Personnel Office works closely with the New Jersey Department of Personnel (NJDOP) and makes available applications and notices of upcoming Law Enforcement (Police) and Fire Fighter entrance examinations.

Job Opportunities

The Personnel Office, as a courtesy to businesses in the area, will post job opportunities for individuals seeking employment. The Personnel Office has also introduced individuals seeking employment to the NJDOP web page, many of whom do not realize that the page exists.