Planning Division

The City of Clifton Office of City Planning is responsible for all Planning Board Applications and Zoning Board Applications as it pertains to planning in the City of Clifton. All applications shall be in compliance with Chapter 461 of the Code of the City of Clifton. Some of the functions that the Office of City Planning performs are:

  • Review all Planning Board Applications
  • Review Zoning Board of Adjustment Applications on an as needed basis
  • Attend all meetings of the Planning Board and when requested on the Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • Advise Mayor and Council on Planning Issues facing the City of Clifton
  • Advise and Assist the City of Clifton Agencies on Planning Issues
  • Revise the City of Clifton master Plan as per the Municipal Land Use Law or when requested by the Planning Board
  • Prepare Grant applications for special projects and preservation in the City of Clifton
  • Prepare Ordinances and Rezoning requests
  • Prepare documentation to have the City of Clifton in compliance with the state of New Jersey State Development and Redevelopment Plan
  • Cooperation with the Passaic County Planning Department