Economic Development

The Clifton Office of Economic Development is available to assist businesses in the City and businesses seeking to relocate to the City with a variety of services and programs. When possible, we will provide a "one stop" service for all business needs to ensure that your business becomes, and remains, competitive and successful. The following is a brief description of some of these services and programs.

Inquiries on Municipal Services

We will provide a thorough description of all Municipal services including, but not limited to:

  • Education
  • Fire
  • Permits
  • Police
  • Taxes
  • Trash Hauling
  • Water
  • Zoning

We also provide information regarding variances and other procedural requirements.

Relocation to Clifton

For businesses seeking to relocate to Clifton, we have an excellent network of available space and can provide, if needed, appropriate real estate contacts to ensure your business's physical requirements are met. Please call 973-470-5200 for a complete listing of available space as known to us today.

Also, when your land/building needs are completed, we will coordinate your efforts with other appropriate Municipal officials to ensure an efficient transition to Clifton. Lastly, we will provide liaison services with County and State officials on a wide variety of programs, especially funding sources.

Expansion Within Clifton

State programs are available to some businesses wishing to expand and we will be available to assist you in obtaining State resources. In addition, we will act as your liaison with Municipal officials responsible for approving expansion requirements. If you need assistance in locating new space in Clifton, please call for a complete listing of available space as known to us today.

Revolving Loan Program

Low cost loans may be available to assist your business needs. To determine your eligibility and additional information, please contact Harry Swanson at 973-470-5200.

State Programs

Various New Jersey programs are available through the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) and we will assist you in obtaining detailed information and liaison with the EDA staff. Contact our office to determine preliminary eligibility. The programs offered by EDA include:

  • Bond Financing
  • Community Lending Program
  • Consulting Assistance for Manufacturers Impacted by Imports
  • Entrepreneurial Training Institute (ETI)
  • Export Working Capital Loans
  • Financing for Small Businesses, Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Enterprises
  • Financing for Urban Development Projects
  • Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Loan and Grant Program
  • Loan Guarantees Direct Loans
  • Long Term Fixed Asset Financing - SBA 504 Program
  • Low-Interest Fixed-Asset Loans-Local Development Financing Fund
  • New Jersey Contractors Assistance Program
  • New Jersey Worldwide
  • Recycling Loans Real Estate Development Program
  • Statewide Loan Pool for Business
  • Urban Centers Small Loans


Under certain conditions, staffing and training assistance is available through the State and County we will assist you in obtaining information and assistance through appropriate State and County officials.