Environmental Health

BUG IDENTIFICATION:  Ticks, bed bugs, roaches, beetles, etc.

ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLAINTS/SURVEILLANCE:  Air, water, noise, heat, solid waste, & general public health nuisances.

ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION:  Provide general & technical information on chemical & physical materials, including radon, asbestos, lead & others.

LEAD POISONING RISK ASSESSMENTS & INSPECTIONS:  Lead information.  Provide testing for lead paint on premises of children with elevated blood lead levels when referred by the State Health Department.

FOOD ESTABLISHMENT SERVICES:  Food safety & food service inspections, investigate complaints, present food handling courses for employees.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS:  Respond to & investigate situations involving hazardous materials, including bioterrorism.

PUBLIC POOL/SPA INSPECTIONS:  Conduct inspections & complaint investigations.  Obtain water quality reports weekly.

RODENT CONTROL:  Provide evaluation & advisement to remedy rodent problems.  Provide baiting of public parks & other city properties.

RIGHT TO KNOW/HAZARD COMMUNICATIONS TRAINING:  The following efforts are headed by our Hazmat Coordinator: Implementing & maintaining the Community Right To Know Surveys, organizing the Hazardous Materials Control Board, training & educating at risk city employees who work with potentially hazardous materials.