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The Clifton Arts Center Gallery and Studio are housed in two renovated barns of the former U.S. Animal Quarantine Station, now the grounds of Clifton Municipal Complex. The brick barns were built in the early twentieth century and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. They have been joined together by a modern, airy atrium to create a unique venue for the exhibition of the visual arts.

The Clifton Arts Center is located in the 26-acre Clifton Municipal Complex, Clifton Avenue and Van Houten Avenue. On entering the complex, go to the well road and go up the hill; the Arts Center is located next to the artesian well.

Sculpture Garden

The Clifton Municipal Complex is already host to a sculpture garden containing the works of more than 30 contemporary sculptures, and the opening of the Arts Center in January 2000 has given the City of Clifton the distinction of being one of the most arts-friendly municipalities in the Northeast.


The Clifton Arts Center provides an interactive environment in which the arts can thrive. It is a haven in the heart of the City where our diverse community can come together to experience and celebrate art in all its forms.

Art Bain painting by Reverend Ralph Boult
Clifton Arts Center

The Clifton Arts Center presents “People, Place & Purpose” an art exhibit and sale of artwork by the Blackwell Street Center for the Arts and Sculptor, Judith Peck.

The artists welcome you to share their individual visions of the world— the people and places within it —and the passion of purpose in creating the sculpture and wall art on display.

Blackwell Street Center for the Arts, is celebrating its’ 35th year this year. BSCA was founded in 1984 by a group of Morris County artists energized by the idea of establishing their own gallery. They rented a space on Blackwell Street in Dover and opened as the Blackwell Street Artists. In 1989, they then adopted the name Blackwell Street Center for the Arts. In 1996, Blackwell Street Center for the Arts became a "cyber gallery" on the internet under the website name, "Blackwell Street Artists." The group members encompass a diverse mix of style and media. The members of the group who are exhibiting at the Clifton Arts Center are Linda Aldrich, Peggy Dressel, David Gruol, Mary Guidetti-McColl and John Power.

Dr. Judith Peck's sculptures reflect her interest in the human condition, individually and globally. Current temporary sculpture installations are located on Main St. in Concord, NH; The Mount, Lenox MA; Sculpture for Leonia, NJ; and Clifton Sculpture Park, NJ. Images of her work and video presentations about specific pieces can be viewed at


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