All programs listed are funded by the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse:

  • Adopt-A-Family: Twenty-five to fifty families will be trained to become mentors to new families in the community. They will learn and share information about Alcohol, Tobacco or Drug risk resiliency/assets. They will take families to events in town and talk about cultural norms and laws regarding tobacco and alcohol.
  • BABES: 7-week program providing children with healthy living skills and information needed for protection against substance abuse. Each unit consists of a lesson in the form of a story and activities designed to support the unit concepts.
  • Community Awareness: Clifton will expand Red Ribbon Week to a Community Awareness Month which includes speakers and interactive workshops for five community groups and six schools. Community programs that are sponsored by CASA include:
    • Drug Awareness Poster Contest
    • Family Camp-Out
    • Family Drive-In Movie
    • Family Superbowl Party
  • DARE: A 17-week program to provide 900 fifth grade students with knowledge of refusal skills and favorable attitudes toward tobacco. There will also be some visitations to lower grades.
  • It's Your Life: Uses role-playing to give students a chance to experience the consequences of high-risk behaviors, such as using alcohol and drugs. Students are given scenarios by their facilitators (teachers) which describe typical problems faced by today's teens. Students have one hour to seek help by visiting various representatives of area community agencies. Students can explore the real-life consequences of risky decision-making in a safe, controlled environment. Students will then be debriefed by their facilitators and asked to evaluate the program. The "It's Your Life" is played by all 8th Graders at Woodrow Wilson and Christopher Columbus Middle Schools.
  • Project Graduation: The Alliance provides $5000 to Clifton High School's Project Graduation
  • Safe Homes: The Clifton Board of Education will develop a Safe Homes network, provide presentations to parents. Target specific ethnic groups at risk of alcohol use by teens.
  • School's Out: In cooperation with the Boys' and Girls' Club, the Alliance will sponsor and after-school program for 500 students. Alcohol, Tobacco or Drug programs include but are not limited to training and instituting World of Difference peer training. Search Institute's Developmental assets assessment and parent training component.
  • Student Leadership In Prevention: Sixty peer leaders will be trained and utilized in peer group cross-age training on a variety of prevention messages including "Be Smart, Don't Start" to delay early use of Alcohol, Tobacco or Drug.
  • TiGS Summer Conference: Teens are selected to attend a 5-day Teens in the Garden State Summer Conference. Students are sent as "action groups" and work to analyze problems, brainstorm solutions, prioritize strategies, and then implement their own personalized prevention program in their own communities.