Emergency Operations Plan on File with County/State

  • Describes use of assets for all emergency/disaster situations, evacuation procedures
  • Describes direction and control protocol of Police, Fire, medical, Public Works services
  • Describes alert and warning protocol - radio, TV, autodialing systems
  • Describes critical facilities, shelters, roads, airports, waterways
  • Address all emergencies - Weather related, Hazmat, Terrorism, WMD
  • LEPC/HAZMAT - Local Emergency Planning Committee
    • Meets Monthly
  • Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
    • Meets Monthly

Examples of Preparedness

  • OEM maintains an Emergency Operations Center and Communications. The OEM Coordinator and City Department heads can manage operations securely and efficiently in response to disaster/emergencies.
  • OEM has on hand basic needs items to provision shelters - cots, blankets, water, etc. OEM also prepares with local business in advance should additional provisioning be required.
  • Each City of Clifton School Facility has prepared it's own emergency plan with OEM and board of Education. Most parochial, private, daycare, and nursery schools have also prepared a basic plan of emergency with assistance from OEM.
  • OEM has FEMA-developed Hurricane Software Tool for Monitoring, Analysis and decision support.
  • OEM regularly participates in exercises and planning activities with County OEM, local hospitals, CPD, and CFD.
  • OEM is always available to answer any resident question on issues of preparedness.