The Department of Finance is responsible for maintaining the integrity and accountability of the City's fiscal operations while providing funding for services to residents at the lowest possible cost.

Chief Financial Officer Duties

The Chief Financial Officer directs the preparation of the annual municipal budget by coordinating the funding requests of all departments, developing reasonable revenue estimates for the upcoming year, and assisting the City Manager and Municipal Council in formulating a responsible fiscal plan that provides efficient funding for as many services as possible while minimizing the property tax impact on residents. Capital expenditures are regularly reviewed to determine the correct timing for the issuance of debt so that the impact of debt service on future budgets can be minimized throughout the year so that necessary adjustments can be made.

Treasury Division Duties

The Treasury Division regulates the City's cash flow by depositing cash receipts promptly, ensuring that all financial claims are properly disbursed, maximizing interest revenue by investing excess cash, and recording financial transactions in a timely and accurate manner.


The city's budget, accounting records and fiscal operations are examined each year by independent auditors.