What's a Sharrow?

Posted: Monday, June 13, 2016

Passaic County has taken a comprehensive approach to Complete Streets though ongoing maintenance as well as specific projects that focus on bicycle and pedestrian access and safety. The annual repaving program follows the Complete Streets guidelines which has led to miles of roadway receiving traffic calming techniques that reduce speeds and increase safety for all users, including motor vehicles. A number of roadways have received dedicated bicycle lanes where excess pavement was available and roadway conditions would allow safe bicycle access. In some instances shared roadway markings, or "sharrows", are placed to alert drivers that the presence of bicyclists can be expected. The "sharrow" is also a visual guide for bicyclists on where to cycle in order to avoid car doors opening, on roadways with on-street parking, and to safely navigate the roadway and negotiate turns. You may have seen the bicycle markings with two arrows on top. In some cases the symbol is also inside a green box to maximize the visibility and durability of the shared roadway marking. 

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