Art Exhibit - A Clifton Homecoming

Posted: Thursday, February 02, 2017

The Clifton Arts Center Gallery presents "A Clifton Homecoming: Sculptures & Artwork by Richard Pitts". His two sculptures of Conestoga and Minos have been recently added to the sculpture park. In his current indoor exhibit at the gallery, he will showcase his unique and skilled style of art via sculptures and two dimensional works. Pitts' work is represented in many private and public collections including museums and corporate collections. For the past 20 years, Pitts has explored ways to combine his passion for abstract expressionism, third world art, the shaped canvases of Stella and Murray, Japanese wood cuts, and cartoons. In honor of the special Clifton centennial, Pitts returns to Clifton with a tribute to homecoming that honors art and Clifton.

Richard Pitts is originally from Clifton, New Jersey. He spent his childhood here in Clifton, NJ and then when on at age seventeen to fulfill his career in art. He is a Pratt Institute graduate with a military background who began with a studio on 18th Street, NYC, and is a founding member of the First Street Gallery now located in Chelsea, NY ( an artist run gallery),. In addition, he is a full professor of Fine Art at the Fashion Institute of Technology, founding member of Urban Studio Unbound and President of M55 Art. For more information about Richard Pitts go to

Richard Pitts Art - Video #1

Richard Pitts Art - Video #2


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