How do I obtain a retail food establishment license?

Posted: Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Applications for Restaurant and/or Retail Food Establishment licenses are available in the Health Department.1.Before filling out an application, arrange to meet with the district Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) by contacting the Health Department at (973) 470-5760.a.If you meet the requirements for a continued use license, meet with REHS, and if required, provide plans. (Plans must be approved before any work is done in the establishment).b.If you meet the requirements for a new food establishment license, first check with the Zoning Department, 1st floor; (973) 470-5808 for permitted use. If permitted, meet with REHS and provide plans. (Plans must be approved before any work is done in the establishment).2.Obtain appropriate license application forms based on the nature of your business from the Health Department. There is a one-time processing fee of $25.00 added to your license fee.3.Contact the Building Department at (973) 470-5809 to obtain a CBC (Continued Business Certificate) & procedures for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for new construction or a Continued Certificate of Occupancy (CCO) for existing structures. The fee for CBC is $175.00. The Health Department will not begin the licensing process unless the Zoning Officer has signed off on the CBC. Also, if making any changes, ask if permits will be required.4.Visit the Police Department Record Bureau (1st floor of City Hall) to arrange for a “Name Check” by the New Jersey State Police Department as required per city ordinance Chapter 367 Restaurants. A “Name Check” is required for each person listed on the application. Forms are available in the Health Department. The fee is $18.00; a money order should be made out to “Division of State Police – S.B.I.” (Retail Grocery only applicants not required)5.Food establishment licenses are NOT transferable and must be reapplied for with each new owner.6.Food licenses are renewed annually in January regardless of date issued. The price varies depending on the type and size of the establishment.

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