Do I need a permit to operate a Food Vending Vehicle and where can I park it?

Posted: Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes. Food Vending Vehicles are required to be licensed. As per city ordinance, a maximum of 20 Food Vending Vehicles are allowed within the city. All food must be prepackaged and labeled. No open cooking is allowed (i.e. Hog Dog Trucks)

Licensing requirements:

1. Health Department applications are available in the Health Department.

2. License fees:a.Class A License $275.00 plus one time processing fee of $25.00.b.Class B License $150.00 plus one time processing fee of $25.00 (Class B Licenses are between the hours of 5:00pm and 7:00pm and is limited to no more than four stops within the City of Clifton).

3. Visit the Police Department Record Bureau (1st floor of City Hall) to arrange for a “Name Check” by the New Jersey State Police Department as required per city ordinance Chapter 367 Restaurants. A “Name Check” is required for each person listed on the application. Forms are available in the Health Department. The fee is $18.00; a money order should be made out to “Division of State Police – S.B.I.”

4. Food Vending Vehicle licenses are NOT transferable and must be reapplied for with each new owner.

5. Food licenses are renewed annually in January regardless of date issued.


1. You may park on private property with permission.

2. Parking a vending vehicle upon a public roadway or street for the purpose of sales or business is prohibited as per city ordinance 367-31.

3. Food Vending Vehicles shall not be permitted to remain at any site for more than 30 minutes.

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