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Current Articles;

2017 - Resource Recycling Magazine - Community Spotlight 

2017 - State Gives Recycling Grants

2017 - Clifton Merchant Magazine

Archived Articles;

Governor Florio Praises Clifton Recycling (1990)

2000 Hard Times: Award Winning Recycling Program Faces Challenges

2002 Annual Report - Clifton Wins Two Awards

2004 Clean Cities 

2006 Arbor Day Festivities 

2006-2010 Community Foresty Management Plan

2007  Mugs & Bags

2008  Clifton Battling use of Plastic Bags

2008 Earth Day Resolution 

2008 Energy and Sustainability

2008 Energy Master Plan

2008 US Mayors Tree Report

2009 Arbor Day Resolution 

2009 Clifton Recycling Report for Businesses & Institutions 

2010 Extended Producer Responsibility Resolution (EPR)

2012 - After Falling Behind in Recycling, NJ Looks for Solutions

2012 - After Falling Behind in Recycling, NJ Looks for Solutions

October, 2015 Clifton uses Concrete Crusher

June, 2015 Asphalt and Concrete Recycling

2015 - Concrete Recycling

Center for Ecoliteracy 

Center for Sustainable Systems (2006) 

City of Clifton Arbor Day/Earth Day Festivities 

City of Clifton Tree CIty USA

Clifton Policy Puts Onus on Businesses to Take Back Waste 

Climate Change Grants for Schools

Congressman Congratulates Clifton's Recycling Program (2010) 

Conservation Club Saving Energy 

Energy Savings Tips for Washing & Laundry 

Green Schools-Cool Cities Tree Planting (Article 2008) 

Municipal Solid Waste in the United States 

ISU–Sustainable Communities Report 

Great American Clean Up 

Tree City Bulletin No. 59  

Refillable-Reusable Mug/Bag program

Leaf Collection Program

Recycle your Cardboard Boxes

Electronics & Computer Recycling Drop-Off

Clifton Now Recycles Used Clothing

New Rules for the Collection of Bulk Waste