Emergency Management - Preparedness


Emergency Operations Plan - on file with County / State
- Describes use of assets for all emergency / disaster situations, evacuation procedures
- Describes direction and control protocol of Police, Fire, medical, DPW services
- Describes alert and Warning protocol - Radio, TV, Autodialing systems
- Describes critical facilities, shelters, roads, airports, waterways
- Address all emergencies - Weather related, Hazmat, Terrorism, WMD
LEPC / HAZMAT - Local Emergency Planning Committee
 - Meets Monthly
 - Meets Monthly

Examples of Preparedness

•OEM maintains an Emergency Operations Center and Communications. The OEM Coordinator and City Department heads can manage operations securely and efficiently in response to disaster/emergencies here.
•OEM has on hand basic needs items to provision shelters – cots, blankets, water, etc. OEM also prepares with local business in advance should additional provisioning be required.
•Each City of Clifton School Facility has prepared it’s own emergency plan with OEM and board of Education. Most parochial, private, day care, and nursery schools have also prepared a basic plan of emergency with assistance from OEM.
•OEM has FEMA– developed Hurricane Software Tool for Monitoring, Analysis and decision support.
•OEM regularly participates in exercises and planning activities with County OEM, local hospitals, CPD, CFD.
•OEM is always available to answer any resident question on issues of preparedness.