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Community Development

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Outreach Program Services

The Community Development Office administers the Community Development Block Grant received each year from the federal government. Approximately 1.8 million dollars is received yearly.

To properly administer the grant, recommendations are made to the Mayor and Municipal Council and a Public Hearing is held. Upon approval of the Action Plan to administer the funds, funding is delegated to such organizations as: the Boys and Girls Club for Day Care, ServeCenters for reduced costs for Mental Health visits for Clifton residents, and DIAL to administer a handicapped workshop twice a week at St. Brendan’s Church.

A summer literacy program has also been developed by the Clifton Board of Education with use of CDBG funds to help non-English speaking families become more familiar with the English language.

Our Outreach program is designed to provide rides for senior citizens and disabled citizens to doctors offices, therapy, and dialysis. Transportation is provided to disabled citizens for work shops and to disabled and senior citizens for food shopping.

The Meals on Wheels program provides prepared meals to be delivered to the home bound, disabled and senior citizens and was previously administered through our Senior Center but is now provided for by the Passaic County Nutritional Program.

Community Development Funds are also used for street and sidewalk improvements in income qualified areas.

The renovation of Municipal Lot #8, or the First Street Parking Lot was completed with CD funds. Upgrades of the parking lot included new paving, planters, benches and trees.

A Facade Program with CDBG funds has also been developed to improve and encourage improvement in the Main Avenue and Botany Village business districts. Funds are used to rehabilitate businesses in need of new facades. Awnings and signs are also an acceptable request. Since the Program was such a success in Botany and Main Avenue, a City Wide Program has been developed to encompass those areas not included in the above.

The Community Development Block Grant program is designed to reach out to the lower and moderate income community as well as those groups which automatically qualify for services such as senior citizens and those that are handicapped in our community. We provide two walking/bicycle patrols in Botany Village for safety.

A Home Improvement Program is also funded through the CDBG Block Grant which can been used by qualified homeowners to repair violations of the City’s Housing Ordinances with a grant of up to $10,000.00.

We have been able to appropriate funding to the Adult Opportunity Center located on the City Hall grounds to rehabilitate two of the buildings which they use for their handicapped clientele. With this funding, the buildings which were literally falling apart have been restored to their original historic beauty and are safe for the handicapped adults that utilize the facility.